An effective alcohol monitoring system.

Alcolyze BAC analysis is a personal BAC monitoring system, designed to be the centerpiece for valid and enforceable prevention programs aimed at drunk driving, underage drinking, and other alcohol-based social problems. By combining comprehensive data capture using innovative blockchain technology. Paired with the most accurate fuel-cell breathalyzer technology on the market, Alcolyze represents a powerful and versatile platform that enables such an approach.

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Alcolyze is an accurate, mobile, and easy to use both on-demand and random BAC testing. When monitoring users, you'll receive notifications for all test activity on your smartphone. Test subjects blow into the Alcolyze Mobile Brethalizer unit, a police-grade breathalyzer. A video snippet is taken during the test time, date and location are confirmed, and test results are delivered in real-time. Alcolyze BAC test/reports are tamper-proof – utilizing new innovative technology with Blockchain.

Key Features

Police-Grade Alcolyze Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

Video-Verified, Time, Date and GPS location-Stamped BAC results

Scheduled, Random, and On-Demand Testing Options

Mobile App Rehabilitation Literature and Incentives for users

Alcolyze BAC Management Portal (accessible via internet browser)

Reducing DWI Recidivism

Easy to use and deploy

Alcolyze View is an app-based alcohol compliance monitoring service. Convenient and quick self-testing anywhere you go, verified, and easy to share results. Alcolyzers (probation officers, judges, etc..) can test as often as you need, whether it's twice a month or twice a day. Each test is verified in the app by taking a video snippet while the person is testing. Each BAC result includes the time, date & location where the test was completed. Easy to use controls let you determine the testing schedule that fits your needs. Text message notifications are also an option for a failed test — download reports in PDF or CVS formats.

“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle

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